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Youth participation

Politics – Now, what’s this to me?

Politics seem to play a more and more inferior role for people and especially young people in their daily life. Young people can vote in Federal and European elections only at the age of 18 but even at that point many young voters do not even consider casting their vote and getting involved into political debate. Where does this political sullenness originate – or is it the political landscape which acts in a sullen way towards the needs of young people? Within the topic of “Politics – Now, what’s this to me?” we would like to take up on these specific questions. Why are politics scaring youths off? Are politics merely not cool and, above all, boring? Where is it that someone decides about the needs of youths – in my city, in Berlin or even in the EU Parliament? And why is youthful engagement absolutely necessary for a lively democracy? Which are the obstacles for youths to get involved and consider their interests and which ways can we take to bring these into life? To find answers for these questions we would like to have a closer look on the work of youth parliaments and find out which possibilities these means of participation can provide for us.

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