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Topic: Environmental Awareness


Organic cheese, organic milk, organic noodles, organic yoghurt, and organic crackers – no matter if bought at the supermarket or at a delicacy store, organic food is to be found everywhere. But to which extent is the consumption of organic products just a question of money? How sustainable is our consumption behavior anyway, no matter if we buy organic or not? I have my smartphone, I have my computer, I have a closet full of clothes, I have a car at 18 and what gets damaged will be bought again? Which effects does our daily consumption really have on the environment? Is organic really everything? What conclusions can we draw from the price of our groceries with regards to their quality ? Why do we throw away food while at the same time one billion people around the world are starving? Within the topic of “How organic am I after all?” we would like to take up the question which effects our own consumption has on the emerging of global problems like famine, nuclear catastrophes, and global warming to name but a few. What are the challenges we are facing in a world that is moving closer together by the minute, where 50% of the global population is living in cities and where groceries are shipped across the world in no time? What are the possibilities for us as consumers to face these effects locally, how is sustainability linked to democracy and what does my ecological footprint reveal about my ecological consciousness?

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