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Our society is changing

How do we want to live – Our society is undergoing changes

“Human dignity shall be inviolable” – this idea is the basic assumption of constitutional democratic political systems and in the first place enables human cooperation. But which other decisive factors are important for peaceful coexistence? How do we create coexistence within a society which is becoming more and more diverse and complex and is thus undergoing changes faster than ever? A first indicator could hence be the wealth of a society. The more we own, the better we feel. But is this assumption the decisive factor for leading a god life? And is our own wealth not always taking place at the expense of somebody else? What are the roles of education, work and money within our life? Of what kind are our dreams in relation to a lively, heterogeneous society and what does social justice mean within a working democracy? Where do we encounter our personal freedom and which amount of social responsibility does each and every one of us have to take on? All of these and further thoughts will be discussed at the 4th International Conference on Democracy within the topic of “How do we want to live –Our society is undergoing changes”.

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