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Migration & Asylum

Hope for a better Life – Migration and Asylum

We are facing news on shipwrecked refugees in the Mediterranean almost on a daily basis. Thousands are trying to find their way to Europe in jam-packed, often tiny boats. But why is it that humans take on these stresses and strains? Where do they come from? Which are their motives to leave their home countries behind and expose themselves to dangers like these? Everywhere in the world people are on the move and escaping from their homes across continents to other countries or sometimes also within their home country. Within the topic of “Hope for a better Life” we would like to take a closer look on topics such as flight, migration and asylum. We would like to find out where the refugees that come to Germany originally come from and which hopes and desires they have related to their flight. How do they live here and do they feel comfortable in this country so far from their home? Which are the obstacles that refugees have to overcome for a better life? How do democratic political systems react regarding the ever-growing streams of refugees? How does a culture of welcome or even a culture of arrival work? Why should we be grateful for people who come to our country and want to work here? How can a social, peaceful and multicultural coexistence work from the beginning and why do people nevertheless protest against asylum homes and migrants?

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