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Digital World

“The Power of the Digital World”

The digital world has become a second home for us. We meet our friends on Facebook on a daily basis. We share photos on Instagram, youths get millions of clicks within only days on YouTube, we can be reached on WhatsApp basically anytime and anyplace – digital is our daily life. 

But how does digital change the way we live and the way we act? Do we need codes of conduction for the Internet and how far may they reach out to us? What is happening to my personal information? Who is the owner of my profile picture and all my other photos? Which traces are we leaving on the Internet – haven’t we already become the vitreous human for employers, intelligence services and the advertising sector? In addition to these critical circumstances, digital media also provide various opportunities for our offline life without computers or smartphones – we can contact our politicians directly, associations collect digital signatures and political scandals are made public in no time. However, are we able to make use of these opportunities for our democracy or do we merely absorb contents? What does digital education mean? How is digital political participation generated? And can we really put our interests into life with just one click?

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