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Construction Site Democracy

Construction Site Democracy – Living and Dealing with Crises

Educational crisis, Social crisis, Economical crisis, Crimean crisis, Far Eastern crisis, Greek crisis, Refugee crisis – all of us are facing different “crises” every day. No matter if this is concerning Germany, Europe or the World – crises are manifold and of various contents, some seem to be more abstract than others which are more threatening to us. But what exactly are “crises”, where do they originate, what do they have to do with democracy and how are democratic political systems dealing with critical situations? Within the topic of “Construction Site Democracy – Living and Dealing with Crises” we would like to discuss the mutability of democratic political systems and ask about the aims of democracy in the 21st Century. Who sets the tone for our political system? Is all power emanating from the people? What is the role of non-parliamentary organizations and what does “direct democracy” really mean? Within the workshop, we would like to dedicate ourselves to the question how present-day democracies attend to the protection of freedom rights. Can a basic democratic assumption justify military conflicts? Is there a global keeper of democracy? At which point do crises become relevant and when is the time for us to take action? How can governmental surveillance in times of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange be justified? What are the duties of the media in times of crises? However, how do these topics affect our daily life and the life of our friends?

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