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Call for Workshops

The “4th International Conference on Democracy Leipzig” takes place on 25 and 26 September 2015 at “Haus Leipzig”, themed “We are Democracy! – Youth and Politics enter the Discussion”. The core of this year’s Conference will be a joint discussion and the development of ideas, topics and projects. You can now apply for contributing to the Conference with your own workshop!

The precise topics of the workshops are as follows:

1. “How do we want to live – Our society is undergoing changes”

2. “Construction Site Democracy – Living and Dealing with Crises”

3. “The Power of the Digital World”

4. “Politics – Now, what’s this to me?”

5. “How organic am I after all?”

6. “Hope for a better life – Migration and Asylum”

In the setting of these topics, 18 workshops will take place, three of which are running parallel within the frame of the six core topics mentioned above. In preparation of the Conference, participants will choose to join one of them and generally stay two days. Each workshop shall not exceed 15 participants so that focused work on the particular topic within small groups can be guaranteed. Methods are manifold, including conflict trainings, discussions, debate trainings, development of political campaigns, role plays as well as precise project developments. The aim of all workshops is to deal closely with one of the core topics until the end of the Conference and further to develop a project draft, improvement suggestions for existing projects and/or proposals, political postulations and/or questions as well as stimulations. The results of the workshops shall hence be presented to the other groups. For ad hoc ideas complementing the workshop findings, the participants will be provided with additional rooms for further exchange of thoughts and to fill own project ideas with life.

Simply fill in the form and email it to The deadline for the submission of workshop proposals is 1 July 2015.

The duration of each of the workshops covers both days of the Conference and is 4.5 hours in total, of which 3 hours are planned to take place on the first day and 1.5 hours on the second day. Subsequently, the results of the workshops are to be presented to the audience on the second day. The focus of the workshops shall be on networking, exchange and mutual works so that an impulse/input speech shall take no longer than 30 minutes.

It is most presumable that the costs for travel and accommodation for the realization of a workshop can be reimbursed according to German Federal Law. Depending on the available budget, a small compensation fee for the workshop can also be covered. If your association or organization is able to cover these costs, this would be most beneficial for smaller projects and initiatives.

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