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Gepostet von am 25. July 2013 in Archiv @en, International Conference for Democracy

Second International Conference for Democracy

The Second International Conference for Democracy took place on the 13th and 14th of October 2011 in Leipzig. Under the topic “We are democracy!”, youth and adults gathered and collectively exchanged ideas. 450 participants discussed how to animate and support the political and social participation of young people.

Also 35 politicians, including the president of the German Bundestag Prof. Norbert Lammert participated in the event and were involved into the discussions. At the end of the conference, a catalogue for suggestions and claims was created, the Leipziger Demokratiemanifest. Purpose of the third International Conference for Democracy is to concentrate on the previous questions thoroughly again.

Writers of the movie: Stefanie Trambow and Andrea Zsigmond

The movie was be realised by MitOst e.V., with support of the Robert Bosch foundation.

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