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The Third International Conference for Democracy on the 14th and 15th November 2013 is particularly directed towards young people from the region and also from all over Europe. Political representatives and various project leaders as well as experts on the civil society are also invited.

Prior to the conference, complementary events (Youth Forum of LeipzigInternationalForum) will take place in order to get to know each other and prepare the international conference.

NOVEMBER 14 (Gewandhaus & Oper):

12 pm: Lunch (optional)

1 pm: Opening (Reception, Information and WarmUp)

1.45 pm: SpeedPodium the first – politicians under debate

– 2.15 pm: Break –

2.45 pm: SpeedLab – Round I

3.40 pm: SpeedLab – Round II

4.30 pm: Feedback, HipHop-Slam

– 6pm: Dinner at Moritzbastei –

7 pm: Improvisational theatre “Theaterturbine”


NOVEMBER 15 ( Gewandhaus & Oper):

9 am: Opening

9.30 am: SpeedLab-Round III

– 10.30 am: Break –

10.45 am: SpeedPodium the second – politicians under debate

11.15 am: Topics & Theses 1 (Questions, Statements, project approaches)

– 12.45 am: Lunch – 

2.00 pm: Slam of the Topics & Theses

3.30 pm: Conclusions & Perspectives

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